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Spring is here in full bloom!

We are ready for your gorgeous outdoor events and weddings!

Are you?!

Snag some tips from the pros, and

keep you and your guests comfortable and happy with these brilliant ideas to combat mother nature while hosting your next outdoor event.

You can thank us later.

1. Have sunscreen available in cute dispensers or spray bottles.

2. Give sunglasses as party favors.

3. Provide wet towelettes and cooling face mist

4. Offer individual insect repellent options.

5. Supply everyone with a pair of flip flops for dancing.

6. Use netted canopy to keep bugs out of desserts and cake.

7. Use cupcake wrappers to keep bugs out of your guests' drinks.

8.Provide guests with their own parasols.

9. Provide blankets or wraps if it is going to be cold or breezy.

10. Fresh Fruit is always a pretty and delicious option that even your health conscious guests will enjoy.


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