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When in season, when in bloom!

I love coming home to a glass vase full of flowers. I love them even better with chocolate, but we'll talk about that next time. November is my favorite season for flowers. Simple colors, high fragrance and a stunning piece to glamorize your famous casserole or turkey dinner. Peonies, Snap Dragon, Stock, Iris and Lilies are on the top of my list for November flowers. These flowers really pack a punch in any bouquet or decoration.

Peonies are look like plushy petals of simultaneous hearts. They embody romance, prosperity and are an omen of good fortune and ahappy marriage. Plus, they're super showy.


Holding a snapdragon can make anyone appear facinating and cordial. Snapdragons represent both deception and graciousness. They are very strong flower in any bunch.

snap dragon.jpg

Stock are typically known to symbolize a happy life, beauty and a bond of affection. Refined with ruffled blooms, this flower is extremely satisfying in white.


Soft butterfly wings are surely to bring all attention towards you. Irises have a rich meaning of hope, wisdom and courage with a deep history about the Greek Godess Iris. These breathtaking flowers can be found in yellow, a deep violet and many more.

african iris.jpg

Lily flowers represent friendship and devotion while other lillies represent chasity, virtue or wealth. Either way these popular flowers bring a brilliant smell to any room and truly set off any event.


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